UI - Polished
UI - Polished
UI - Polished

UI - Polished

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Original UI - Polished / Raw

The Flaghship Model

It’s truly hard to beat the beauty of a raw polished yoyo. I can’t stress how nice this simple look is.  The UI is also a tremendously fun yoyo and has been one of the go to for the whole team. As with many yoyos, we tend to get bored with playing with the same yoyo over time. What we found with ours is that the playability is so fun, you don’t want to put it down. Major props to our wonderful designer. They did a great job brining this yoyo to life. Another great trait of his yoyo is POWER. This thing can spin. Be mindful if you bind early cause there will be a lot of spin time still. 

We hope you enjoy the UI as much as we have.



Diameter: 54.05mm
Width: 47.38mm
Gap Width: 4.6mm
Weight: 64.1g
Axel: M4*6mm
Bearing Size: Size c
Material: Grade 5 Titanium