The UI was the first release done by us and our Flagship yoyo. We wanted to be ambitious and started off with a titanium yoyo. We were able to accomplish this due to our team and our amazing designer.

When it comes to the shape of the UI we wasn’t looking to innovate far beyond what we have seen time and time again. We were more focused on coming up with a design that was comfortable to the hand. One that you may find yourself having trouble putting down. Where this yo-yo sets his self apart from the rest is in its unique dimensions. It’s small without feeling small. Is wide but not too wide. And it’s light but not too light. When it comes to power, it’s been able to handle every trick that has been thrown at it.

Another unique fact is, we wanted to produce a wide variety of colors not seen before. We love testing the waters here at ENSO and were able to produce 8 different color options with 2 different finishes.

Release Date: Jan. 9, 2021, 9pm Est